Saturday, August 31, 2013

7 Most Amazing Tourist Destinations of Thailand

Thailand is one of the most amazing tourist destination in the world.  You can find a lot of beautiful places; i.e. blue sky & white sand beaches, abundance forest, cheap & delicious foods, great cultures, friendly people with beautiful smiles every where, etc.

Here are 7 most amazing tourist destination of Thailand that I would like to recommend to you:

1)  Koh Tarutao  

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It is Thailand's first marine national park, situated in the southern part of Thailand.  It is well-known as one of Thailand's amazing tourist destination because of beautiful nature both on land; i.e. unspoiled beaches with white sand and in water which is surrounded with beautiful and colorful coral.

2)  Kang Hin Peng
It is a beautiful large rock in the crystal clear river.  It is one of famous tourist destinations for rafting, challenging and fun during rainy season which is during July to November. 

3)  Huai Nam Dang National Park

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It is a beautiful place which is surrounded with mist in the early morning; i.e. you can see beautiful sunrise and sea of cloud in the early morning.  It is situated in the northern part of Thailand.

4)  Doi Inthanon National Park

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It is a popular attraction because of the beauty of nature; the abundance of forest. Cold and wet weather throughout the year makes trunks with moss, ferns covered by massively.  You will be impressed with all the colors of the leaves during the end of each year.

5)  Dok Krachiao Field

 The field is full of Dok Krachiao, which have pink and purple colors, all over the area.  You can see this beautiful scenery in the beginning of rainy season only, June to August, each year.

6)  Pha Tam National Park

It is situated in the north east of Thailand where you can watch the sunrise as the first point of Thailand.   The attractive points are the thousand years prehistory color rock paintings.  These are very amazing.

Besides, there are strange sandstone scattered throughout the area and a lot of beautiful flowers covering the stone courtyard.

7)  Phromthep Cape

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It is one of the most beautiful sunset points of Thailand, situated in Phuket.

Come and see these 7 most amazing tourist destination of Thailand by yourself!  They are worth visiting indeed!

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