Sunday, September 8, 2013

Phu Ruea, One of Thailand’s Beautiful National Park

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Phu Ruea is situated in Loei Province.   Phu Ruea’s shape like a boat on top of the mountain.  That’s why it is called Phu Ruea, “Ruea” in Thai means “Boat” and “Phu” means “Mountain”.    There are a lot of colorful stones which are very amazing.   There are many big and small mountains nearby and you will see beautiful scenery in the morning; i.e. mist covering all over the abundance forest, etc.
Phu Ruea is famous as one of Thailand’s beautiful National Park due to its beautiful natural resources; i.e. abundance forest, beautiful waterfalls, etc.   Phu Ruea has variety of forest types and a lot of wildlife species which are very amazing.

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The weather is cool all year round, especially in the winter, it is very cold.   In the morning, dew on grass freeze like crystal ice.   The cold weather attracted a lot of tourists to the beautiful Phu Rua Mountain over the weekend.

The scene of the mountains with the rising sun is a breath taking picture and you will enjoy every of minute there.   The sunset is also very stunning as well.  It can attract  people around the world to go and enjoy the scenery. 
Come and experience it by yourself!

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