Sunday, August 11, 2013

Koh Tachai, Thailand's Great Destination

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Koh Tachai is well-known as a "virgin island".  It is one of the most beautiful island in Andaman sea that most tourists around the world would like to visit.

Koh Tachai is part of Similan Islands National Park, situated in Phangnga Province, Thailand.  It has natural abundance; crystal sea, beautiful blue sky, white and clean sand beach.

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Koh Tachai is a small island with beach approx. 700 m. long from North to South.  We can say that it is a tropical island with a lot of palm trees around the island.  There are both hard and soft corals which remained naturally under the sea.

Because of remoteness, it is very peaceful that you will have a real moment of relaxation.  If you compare Koh Tachai with other islands in Thailand, you will see that Koh Tachai still has natural beauty and abundance; i.e. there are plenty of trees around the island, shallow reef can be seen clearly through crystal blue water.  These are the significant reasons why Koh Tachai is well-known as a virgin island.

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Koh Tachai is beautiful both on the beach and underwater world; especially when you see in clear water as if you are looking in a mirror.  You cannot wait only a minute to go swimming in the water.

The beach with white sand like powder is beautifully designed with the blue clear waters.  When walking along the beach, you will feel the sand is very soft.  It's very pure natural indeed.

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After walking around the island, enjoy and appreciate the beautiful nature, another thing that you should not miss is snorkeling.  That can be viewed both shallow and deep water corals around the island.

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Integrity of coral reef around the island makes it a source of a lot of animal species. Koh Tachai is the place where all divers and biologists pay much attention.

Day trip only.  Koh Tachai is open for you to experience nature on land and under the sea daytime only.  And no trip during monsoon as well.  So, there is no accomodation on the island.  But there are some facilities for all visitors; i.e. restroom, etc.

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You can see .... Koh Tachai is Thailand's great destination, right?

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