Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tung Salang Luang, One of Beautiful National Parks of Thailand

Tung Salang Luang is well-known as "Savannah Grasslands of Thailand" and it is famous as one of beautiful National Parks of Thailand.  It has a very large area covering in both Pisanulok and Phetchabun provinces. 

It is a nice place for the ones who love nature, like hiking and sleeping in tents.  It is such a challenge to travel there because there are many interesting places waiting for you.

"Field of Flowers" 
Tung Salang Luang is featured on a variety of wildflowers that bloom during October - November.  Every morning, when the sun rises, the "orchid Nuanchan" become golden yellow flower spread over the stones in the field which are very beautiful. 

You can feel very bright morning when you are there indeed.

Besides, in the far distance, you can see pine trees and dense forests which you can feel good with pure and natural air.  

Moreover, there are "nepenthes fields" which is rarely found anywhere else.

Tung Salang Luang is worth visiting and it is the place I can say that one of beautiful National Parks of Thailand.   Let's see it by yourself!

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