Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top Five Famous Islands of Thailand for Your Vacation

If you are looking for your vacation, I would like to recommend you to visit Thailand.  Because there are a lot of beautiful islands in Thailand where you can enjoy your life through out your vacation with unspoiled and magnificent nature.

Here below are top five famous islands of Thailand recommended for your vacation :

1)   Samui Island

Samui island is a charming island with great beaches; i.e. snow-white sand beaches.  It is the second most famous islands destination of Thailand.  The water is incredibly clear, so calm and good for your whole family' swimming during your vacation. 

2)   Phuket Island

Phuket island is the biggest island of Thailand.  It has numerous nice beaches with a bright sun, clean sand and crystal sea.   It is the place for all styles of people; i.e. for people who look for transquil surrounding places or for people who look for some entertainment with vivid night life.

3)  Samet Island

If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful island for your vacation, Samet is the right one.  The wave at Samet island is very still.  The tourist's first impression are white sandy beaches, backed by bright green of palm trees.

 4)  Tao Island

Tao island or Turle island is one of most famous island of Thailand.  It is well-known as a heaven for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Or you can spend your lazy days on the sandy beaches for your whole vacation there.

5)  Larn Island

Larn island or Coral island, is one of wonderful island of Thaland.   You will have relaxing days by lying peacefully on the sand or having many fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat or swimming in the perfect calm sea, etc.   These will make your vacation very colorful indeed.

In short, I do believe that you will enjoy everything at the above mentioned five famous islands of Thailand and it is very worth to spend your vacation at one of these islands, for sure.  You are always welcome!

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