Monday, May 6, 2013

Dong Tan Beach, One of Beautiful Beaches of Thailand

Dong Tan Beach is one of beautiful beaches of Thailand.  It is situated in Chonburi province and not far away from Pattaya.   It is a quiet beach so it is recommended for someone who would like to relax peacefully with their warm family.  

There are many high Sugar palm trees, pine trees or other plants along the beach which look shady and make you feel cool.   The beach is very long so you can walk for exercise in the morning or evening.

Even though there are not many people visit there, this beach has many activities for you to do; i.e. swimming in the sea, drawing pictures, painted plaster, foot massage, etc.  Besides, you can take a boat to visit beautiful nearby islands.  So, you will not feel bored for sure. 

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