Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kham Island, an Attractive Underwater World in Thailand

Kham Island is a small island, situated in Chonburi province.  It is not far from shore, approx. 9 kgs.  Kham Island is well-known as an attractive underwater world in Thailand.  It has long stretch rich coral reefs which is very beautiful.  In the reefs, you will see plenty of beautiful fish as well.

Its shape looks like "H".  It is rich in the natural and beautiful beaches and the reefs complete with all species.  The water is so clear that the underwater is visible from the surface; i.e. whale sharks, flying fish, dolphin, coral reefs, etc. 

Kham island has beautiful beaches located in the north and south.  North beach is sandy and white and the sea is emerald green.  It is perfect for swimming and other water activities.  South beach has amazing scattered rocks.  The water is very clear.

I can say that this island is very peaceful with luxuriant nature.  You and your family or your friends can relax, swim, sunbathe, snorkel or enjoy the seafood there. 

Welcome to Kham island, an attractive underwater world in Thailand!

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