Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Koh Talu, One of Wonderful Islands of Thailand

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Koh Talu is a small and private island, situated close to Hua Hin in Prachuapkhirikhan.  It is well-known as one of wonderful islands of Thailand.  Its shape is very strange; i.e. looks like big whale.

There are a lot of beautiful marine life and colorful coral reefs.  The area around Koh Talu is very rich of sea resources indeed.  We can say that it is an important place for fishing.

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You will enjoy the pure, beautiful and wonderful nature.  The green rainforest and coconut palm trees will also make you feel fresh and peaceful as well.  Besides, you will be more than happy lying on the wonderful white sandy beach.

The most famous point that attracts most tourists is the large hole which is very amazing and wonderful.
You are always welcome to visit Koh Talu, one of wonderful islands of Thailand, where you will have a great time of relaxing on your holidays and enjoy the beautiful and wonderful nature for sure, I can guarantee.

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