Friday, August 12, 2011

Best Place to buy Thai Arts And Crafts For Your Souvenirs

If you are the one who loves Thai arts and crafts and would like to buy some of them for your souvenirs, I would suggest you to go to The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand or Bangsai Arts and Crafts Training Centre.  It is situated in Ayuthaya province which is not far away from Bangkok.  This is famous and well-known very much to tourists around the world.

A lot of best Thai arts and crafts are available with reasonable prices for you.  You will find many Thai elaborate handicrafts; i.e. living, dressing, Thai handicrafts from OTOP all over Thailand.

Apart from those beautiful products, you will see Thai Village in each regions in only one large area where you can see different styles of the way of their living, their houses' styles, their foods, etc.  Thai dance shows of each regions is normally presented during weekend.  They are interesting very much.  Most tourists like to see their shows indeed.

Moreover, you will feel fresh because this place is on the left side of Chao Phraya river.  It is very marvelous view that you will certainly love.

Come and visit this place by yourself! I can guarantee you that this is the best place to buy Thai arts and crafts for your souvenirs.

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