Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunflower Fields in Lop Buri, One of Most Tourist Attraction of Thailand

If you come and visit Thailand during November to January, I would suggest you to visit sunflower fields in Lop Buri province that is not far away from Bangkok.  (approx. 2 hours only)  So, you can plan for only one day trip to visit the sunflower fields as well.

The sunflower fields in Lop Buri are famous as one of most tourist attraction of Thailand.  There are a lot of beautiful sunflower which are in full blossom during that period.  The yellowish and golden sunflowers spread all over the large area.

You can take a lot of great photos of those beautiful sunflowers against the bright blue sky and beautiful green hills as a background.  Besides, I can tell you that you will feel fresh air when you visit there for sure.

When standing among those beautiful sunflowers, you may find yourself in the paradise.  This will be a very great time of your life, I can guarantee.  Besides, this nice atmosphere will be very romantic for every lovers.  It will be just both of you surrounding by the yellowish sunflower, how romantic it is!

Why don't you come and experience it by yourself?   I believe that you will note this down in your plan for your next trip to Thailand because the sunflower fields in Lop Buri is one of most tourist attraction of Thailand.  Don't miss it!

cr. pic.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/100557004154635455/