Saturday, April 14, 2012

6 Beautiful Waterfalls in Thailand

Generally, most people like waterfalls because they can relax in the nature surrounded.  There are many beautiful waterfalls and I would like to recommend you here below 6 beautiful waterfalls in Thailand.

1)  Siribhume Waterfall
This waterfall is located in the village of Hmong, in Chiengmai province.  In the past, this waterfall was known as Mao Le Waterfall.  The waterfall has twin streams flowing down from stiff cliff, so you can see the beauty of these waterfalls from long distance.   

2)  Thee-Lor-Su Waterfall
This waterfall is situated in Tak province, on the Thai-Burmese border.  It is very great, beautiful and highest waterfall.  It is surrounded by pristine forested mountain with a lot of flora and fauna.  It is well-known due to its beauty.  Many tourists around the world love to visit this.

3)  Klong Pong Waterfall
It is located in Kampaengphet province.  You will enjoy and love the beauty of nature.  

4)  Mun Daeng Waterfall
It is situated in Phitsanulok province.  This waterfall is most beautiful especially in winter.  It will be pretty in pink with lovely orchid in boom.  The orchid called "Habenaria Rhodochiela Hance" in Thai which means "Dragon Tongue" in English.  This beautiful pink orchid is found only at this waterfall, very impressing!

5) Haew Narok (Cliff of Hell) Waterfall
It is situated in Kao Yai National Park.   It is the biggest waterfall of the Central of Thailand.  It is very special waterfall with beautiful nature surrounded.

6)  Haew Suwat Waterfall
It is situated in Kao Yai National Park.  This waterfall will give happiness and great pleasure to tourists.  You will be close to beautiful and impressive nature.

In short, I can say that visiting waterfalls is well worthwhile.   You will have a lot of activities; like picnic, mountain climbing at the areas around the waterfalls or swimming in the waterfall pools, etc.  You will feel pleasure with nature at those 6 beautiful waterfalls in Thailand indeed, I can guarantee.

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