Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phae Muang Phi, The Grand Canyon of Thailand

Phae Muang Phi is well-known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand.  It is situated in Phrae Province, in the northern of Thailand.  The meaning of "Muang Phi" in Thai language is "The Ghost City".  In the old days, the local people believe that this place is haunted by Ghosts or Spirits.   So, there is no one living nearby this place.

By the way, nowaday this place is very much interesting and worth a visit as there are various formations of natural rocks which are really fantastic and so much amazing as well.  Those rocks have some strange shapes which you have never seen anywhere else before.  Actually, they were caused by soil erosion and that is why there is no large trees around this place.

In short, Phae Muang Phi is one of the most attractive travel destination in Thailand.  If you would like to know how wonderful it is, I would highly recommend you to visit this place by yourself.

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