Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chiang Rai, Thailand Travel Destination

If you plan to visit Chiang Mai, Thailand, I would like to recommend you to include Chiang Rai to your trip as it is not far away from Chiang Mai, approx. 200 kgs. northeast of Chiang Mai.   Chiang Rai is well-known as the gateway to Myanmar, Laos and Southern China and it would probably be one of your travel destination as it has beautiful scenery which attract most tourists from all over the world.  Here below are some outstanding places that you must not miss :

Doi Tung Royal Villa :

It is the residence of the mother of the King of Thailand.  It is a very beautiful villa on the high mountain, looking below you can see a lot of hills and valleys.  Next to the residence, there is a large garden of various kinds of flowers, named "The Mae Fah Luang Garden", where you can takes tons of photos.   I can guarantee that you will certainly love those beautiful flowers as well.

The Golden Traingle :

It is the meeting point of Thai, Myanmar and Laos Borders; at the junction of Mekong and Sop Ruak River.  This is considered as one of the most popular tourist spot.  You can feel fresh air over there.

Mae Sai :


It is the northern-most district of Thailand.  Mae Sai River border between Thailand and Myanmar.  If you would like to go shopping at Myanmar's Tha Khi Lek market, you can walk along the bridge which cross over the river, pay a fee and present your passport to the Mae Sai Immigration Check-point accordingly.

Phu Chi Fa :

It is also one of the most attractive tourist spot where you can see sunrise with full of mist surrounded the mountain.  Its highest peak point out sharply toward the sky which means "Phu Chi Fa" in Thai.  Besides, you can see a wonderful view of Laos from there.

As you can see, these are just only a few wonderful places I can list for this moment but there are actually variety of interesting places in Chiang Rai waiting for you.   Please consider Chiang Rai as your travel destination and you will of course love this beautiful province as well.   Go and see by yourself.  You are always welcome!

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