Friday, January 22, 2010

Phang Nga, Your Travel Destination

Thailand has fascinated travelers for many years.  There are a lot of places in Thailand that are very wonderful.  Phang Nga is among those places where you can find warm and relaxing days.  It is a place where hundred of incredibly shaped limestone cliff rise straight from the blue sea, providing a beautiful scenic attraction.  There are abundance of natural beauties; water, beaches, mountains and forests.  It is a gorgeous place for fishing, sailing, reef snorkeling or doing nothing at all. You can be in Paradise in just approx. three hours from Phuket by boat. If nature is the key to your holiday, take a look at Phang Nga as your travel destination.

You will find a lot of fascinating islands at Phang Nga Bay, including "James Bond Island" which is the most famous one as it was featured in the film "The Man With The Golden Gun".  Besides, there are wonderful rocks in the sea; i.e. the outstanding Mushroom Rock, etc.

One of the most attractive place is Koh Pannyi  where a Muslim Fishing Village is situated.  It is very amazing that almost the whole village are built into the water.  You may wonder how they can survive from monsoon.  Yes, they are so lucky since this village stilts is sited at the foot of tower slap of limestone (cliff) (approx. 1,000 feet high) which can protect the village from the wind and waves during monsoon.

Similan Islands  was declared as a National Marine Park  in 1982.  It is the tropical island paradise you have always dreamed of.  It is well known as one of the best place for diving and snorkeling in the world.  Most travellers want to explore the underwater world with a scuba outfit or with just a snorkel as there are various kinds of marine life.  Those marine life preserve for watching, not catching.  White sand beaches, stunning beaches, simply heaps of soft sand, clear blue water, the huge boulders, colorful corals, sponges would much attract most travellers around the word.  Your first sight of Similan will be truly breathtaking.  By the way, for your information, the island is closed from 15th May to 1st November each year due to the weather condition.

Koh Mak  is an enchanting island; it features beautiful sandy beaches and surrounded by crystal water; i.e. swimming in the sea as clear as glass.  The islands are uninhabited and the only source of accommodation are tents.

As you can see, Phang Nga is a naturalist's heaven and most places in Phang Nga can catch your imagination.  Phang Nga can make an excellent spot for your travel destination as well.  Come and enjoy your wonderful holiday at Phang Nga.

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