Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Phu Kradung, Thailand, Your Travel Destination

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Phu Kradung is the National Park of Thailand.  It is situated in Loei province, in the North-Eastern of Thailand.   It is a high and large plateau which is well-known as "table mountain".   The reasons why Phu Kradung should be your travel destination are that there are many romantic spots where most lovers can take a lot of beautiful photos together.

Besides, many wonderful scenery such as  wild forest; pine forest, hill forest, wild orchids, rocky fields or waterfalls, will certainly impress you at first sight.

Moreover, the weather there is quite cool throughout the year which create some romantic atmosphere indeed.   Months that are recommended for visitors are October to January which is in winter season there.

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The most exiting and adventurous point is while climbing to the mountain which is steep.  (It will take approx. 3 - 6 hours walk, 5 kgs. climbing high to the plateau and 3 kgs. meadow walk to the park headquarters)  It maybe very hard time for some lovers; i.e. it is believed among young Thai people that you may get true love or lost love after the trip.  It is because the way during climbing is very hard, there are some obstruction or some difficulty so this would probably proof any true love; whether he/she can take good care of you, whether he/she can help you at any time or not.   This is considered to be the great test of his/her or your mind and body accordingly.

Sunrises and sunsets at Phu Kradung are also very much fascinating.  You can feel like standing on the heaven, seeing below one mountain after another covering with mist in the fresh morning, clear blue sky is almost reached as well.  It will certainly be a perfect dream travel destination for most lovers who would like to spend their times together with those beautiful natures.

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