Saturday, December 26, 2009

Phu Luang, Thailand Recommended Travel Destination

If you are a mountain and adventure lover, Phu Luang is highly recommended as Thailand travel destination since there are a lot of beautiful natural attractions; such as steep cliffs, waterfalls, flower fields, on a rock plateau.  Phu Luang is a mountainous National Park in Loei Province, in the Northeast part of Thailand.  It is a high and large jungle plateau for a distance of approx. 6 kilo meters, approx. 1,550 meters high above sea level, with cool climate throughout the year.  It looks like table-top mountain.

October to May is the best period for trekking when a lot of maple trees transform to red which are very wonderful.  Besides, there are a lot of wild animals (including approx. 100 wild elephants and various kinds of birds) in the mixed forest of tropical and colder mate forest; i.e. dry evergreen, hill evergreen forest and the most attractive ones are the pine forests. savannah on the plains and stone terraces and grassy fields. 

Furthermore, you can see various kinds of wild orchids, such as Lady's Slipper orchids, white wild orchids, etc. covering all over Phu Luang area.


Besides, you can find dinosaur foot print on the rock which is believed to be approx. over 120 million years old.

In short, I can say that Phu Luang should be considered as one of the most charming place and highly recommended as Thailand travel destination.  Come and share the wonderful experience with us at Phu Luang.

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