Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mae Hong Son, Thailand, My Dream Destination

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Mae Hong Son, Thailand, is my dream destination since I was young as it has great and beautiful scenery covered with the mist throughout the year.  It is quite a quiet town, situated in the north of Thailand, not far away from Chiengmai.  (only 120 kgs.)  It is in the deep valley surrounded with high mountain and it borders mostly Myanmar.  The two rivers of Salween and Moei, which are natural boundaries between Thailand and Myanmar, much attract me or other visitors to come to Mae Hong Son.

Besides, Mae Hong Son, has a lot of mountain ranges with virgin forest which will fascinate most visitors.  Among those mountains are the West Thanon Thongchai Mountains which serve as the natural boundary between Thailand and Myanmar.  Hill-tribes would be also attracted by visitors.  There are many hill-tribes in Mae Hong Son such as Shan or Thai Yai people (who are the largest group in Mae Hong Son.  They bring Burmese influence as you can see from temples, architecture or festival), Karen, Lisu, Yao, Hmong.  They all have fascinating cultures.

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If you are the one who love nature like me, Mae Hong Son is the place that you must not miss.  You can go trekking and hiking in the hills, ride elephant, visit to hill tribe villages; the popular Pradongs Karen with long-necked women are living there.  Someone called them "Giraffe necked women".  They stretch their necks with bass coils to frighten away the togas in the old days.  But, nowadays the rings serve as their status; the more rings they wear, the wealthier they are.  They are so nice and friendly.

My most favorite activity is sailing on a raft or boat along the Mae Hong Son river which is very wonderful.  The scenery along the banks is still fresh and unspoiled with green forest and mountains.   (The best time for rafting is from October to March)

Another scenery that I like to see is the "Sunflower field" where you can see wild sunflower grow all over the mountain.  This will occur starting November till December every year.  It is very beautiful and attractive.  Sunflowers Festival is held in Khun Yuan by end of November each year.

Although Mea Hong Son is just a small town, it is a great place to visit and there are much to see indeed.  That is why Mae Hong Son is my dream destination.

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