Friday, November 6, 2009

Thailand, Land of Wonderful Hospitality

Have you ever visited Thailand?  If yes, you may experience the wonderful hospitality and well mannered behavior of Thai people by yourself.  The experience that most tourists cannot forget.  We can say that apart from natural beauty and splendid temples, another main reason which attract most tourists around the world to visit Thailand is the Thai wonderful hospitality.

If you have never visited Thailand before, please rest assure that you will have the best time of your life while you stay in Thailand as Thailand is one of those places where you can find a wide smile at every faces.  Most tourists are always warmly greeted with sweet and friendly smile from Thai people who are so charming.  Even if it is the first time of your visit to Thailand, you will, of course, feel at home during your stay in Thailand as all Thai people are willing to help you at any time.

You will learn Thai hospitality which is quite fascinating.  Thai people are so friendly, i.e. once you smile at Thai people, they would certainly return their willing smile to you.

Besides, you will see Thai people "Sawadee" or "Wai" each other or "Wai" to you.  This is the standard and traditional Thai Greeting when Thai people meet each other.  When someone "Wai" another one, that means he/she shows respect to that one, or mostly show to adult.  Thai people don't have to say hello but they "Wai" instead.  "Wai" is used the same way as Western handshake; when being introduced or meeting someone.  Men say "Sawadee Krap" and women say "Sawadee Ka".  This means good morning, good evening, good night and good bye.  We can say that "Wai" shows Thai greeting and respect as well.  This is one of the most impression that most tourists realize how friendly and welcoming Thai people are to tourists.  Besides, this one was a great reminder how wonderful it is to visit Thailand.

In short, I would recommend Thailand as a wonderful place to see.  Thailand is very easy and comfortable place to travel.  You will enjoy the courtesy and smile around you during your visiting in Thailand.  You will certainly love Thailand like most tourists and would come to visit Thailand again and again.

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