Thursday, October 22, 2009

Koh Chang, Your Best Travel Destination

"Koh Chang" is Thai name which means "Elephant Island".  Only few people knew that Koh Chang is second-largest island of Thailand after Phuket.  It is situated in a small province, Trad, which is not far away from Bangkok, approx. 4 hours by road and approx. 30 - 45 minutes by boat or ferry.  

Koh Chang was declared as Marine National Park of Thailand since most of the area are rain forest, untrekked jungles, hills, beautiful beaches and wonderful waterfalls where you can swim and dive from rocks.  There are few wildlife such as parrots and sunbirds in the forest.  
As not many tourists knew Koh Chang before, it remains a virtual virgin island with jungle interior and a lot of incomparable beaches of powder white sand, colorful coral reefs, sparkling blue water and a lot of marine life.  

It is very tranquil and would probably be the paradise for those who appreciate pure nature.   We can say that Koh Chang can be your best travel destination.

As mentioning above, Koh Chang has a lot of beautiful beaches which is very flat and suitable for swimming at either high or low tide.  Some of the outstanding beaches are:

- White Sand Beach (Haad Sai Kao) - It is a beautiful sandy beach and the most well-known beach on Koh Chang.

- Klong Prao Beach - You can find many shops, bars, restaurants at the road along the beach.

- Lonely Beach - You will see fine white sand beach with beautiful stony scenery there.

- Kai Bae Beach - You will love the amazing sunset there.  Other amazing one is when low tide you can walk to Koh Man Nai where you can see beautiful sandy beach.  A lot of dive shops at Kai Bae Beach are provided wonderful scuba or snorkeling trips for you.

- Bang Bao Bay - There is a viewpoint which offers a beautiful view of the Bay and a beautiful sandy beach of Haad Sai Noi.

Besides, there are nearby islands which are highly recommended :

- Koh Mak - Most beaches are very beautiful and flat which is excellent for swimming.
- Koh Kood - It is the closest island to the Cambodian border.

For your traveling information, the rainy season in Koh Chang is from May to September.

Koh Chang would probably gather visitors from around the world to discover through snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming.  There are many colorful coral reefs and a lot of beautiful fishes.

In the meantime, all of them would meet to enjoy Thai hospitality and Thai food there as well.  Koh Chang can be the place for those who would love to spend their honeymoon.  It is the place which is certainly different from the place that you see everywhere else.  It is such a wonderful place and there is nothing like this.  It is indeed one of your best travel destination.  Enjoy the breath of fresh air there.

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