Saturday, September 19, 2009

Samet, A Wonderful Island

If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful island which is not far away from Bangkok, Thailand, Samet Island is the right one.   Samet Island and its surrounding was declared to be a national park of great natural beauty since 1981.  It is very easy to get there.  You can catch a bus to Ban Pae, Rayong, which is the nearest port to Samet Island.  Then take almost an hour by boat there.  Although, Samet Island isn't fantastic like Phuket, in the South of Thailand, it is such a lovely place and a wonderful island.

The wave at Samet Island is very still.  The visitor's first impression are white sandy beaches, backed by bright green of palm trees.  The island is rather small that you can walk around for any exercise or some sightseeing.  You can leave the pressure of daily life and work behind and escape to this perfect and wonderful island. Samet Island is the prospect of warm days and you will find relaxation and peaceful living there.

The most well-known beaches on Samet Island are Hat Sai Kaew (The Diamond Island), Ao Phai, Ao Vong Duan, Ao Wai, Ao Kui Na Nok, Ao Prao, etc.  They are all splendid beaches and have cystal clear seas.  The sands there are milky white.  You can watch the warm days of summer and sit for hour on the beaches and listen to the breeze from the sea.  It is such a tranquil time indeed.

High summer offers heat and sun, you may go for tan and see more than you expect to.  The rainy season is from May to July.  However, even in rainy season, Samet Island has less rain than the other islands in Thailand.  You can't help but feel refreshed and have wonderful experience there.

I do believe that you will certainly enjoy every minute and fell in love with this wonderful island.  And then you can't wait to go back there again!

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