Friday, March 10, 2017

Pak Meng Beach, one of most beautiful beaches of Thailand

If you plan to visit Thailand, I would suggest you to visit “Pak Meng Beach”.  It is situated in Trang province, in the South of Thailand. It is one of most beautiful beaches of Thailand.

The beach is a half-moon crescent, 5 km long.  It is a nice and quiet beach that you can feel relaxed with fresh air and nice atmosphere.  You will touch wonderful sunset and nice white sand beach which is unspoilt.  

The island as the background of the sea is called “Koh Meng” which is the symbol of Pak Meng beach because it is the thing that can attract most visitors at first sight once they reach Pak Meng Beach.  It is a giant mountain in the middle of the water.  Its shape looks like a sleeping person stretched to the north which is really amazing.  

I think the exhausting feeling would disappear while you stay there. I can say that this is the beach that you must not miss if you visit the South of Thailand.

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