Thursday, March 16, 2017

Local market along the canal in Phatthalung, in the South of Thailand

Most rural people in Thailand love to live along the rivers or canals.  It is the way of peaceful and happy life.  One of the most interesting things that  they create is their local market along the canal.  The local market in Phatthalung, in the South of Thailand, is one outstanding example that I would like to show you how fascinating place it is.  It is called “Klong Dan”.  (Klong, in Thai, means “Canal” and “Dan” is its name of the canal)

Here, most visitors can enjoy shopping a lot of local foods; rice with curry, noodles, ancient Thai desserts, fruits, etc.  Most of the foods are very delicious as Thai styles. 

People are not too crowded, so you can walk around the market comfortably.  Meanwhile, you will also feel refreshed and relaxed close to the beautiful nature along the canal.  If you are hungry during shopping, you can also enjoy eating beside the canal among the nice atmosphere!

Besides, you will see the lifestyles of Thai rural people.  The ancient wooden houses can tell us about their easy living and beautiful by their own ways.  In the meantime, you will find that most of Thai rural people are friendly and have mind hearts.  

I’m quite sure that this place will impress you very much!

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