Friday, October 14, 2016

Huai Nam Dang National Park, One of the Most Beautiful Destinations of Thailand

Huai Nam Dang National Park is situated in Chieng Mai province and Mae Hong Son province, in the Northern Part of Thailand.  The streams of the park are the sources for the important rivers; i.e.  Pai, Ping and Taeng rivers.  There are plenty of animal species; i.e. elephant, tiger, wild bear, dear, etc., various species of birds and various types of colorful flowers.

You will see stunning and magnificent view point, “Sea of Fog”, in the morning of winter from Doi Chang (the highest point) and Doi Kio Lom (the well-known view point) mountains.  The white fog is covered very large area and you can see only the peaks of surrounding green hills.  It looks like sea in white color indeed.  In the clear night, you will see beautiful thousands of stars sparkling over your head.

Yes, it is far away from the rush hours and pollution of the big cities.  Therefore, you can feel really relaxed in very peaceful and tranquil moment in the early morning.

The beautiful green mountain scenery will impress you very much. The views are very spectacular. I can say that it is very wonderful, excellent and amazing view like heaven on earth.  These very pure and natural beauty attract many visitors both Thai and foreigners around the world. 

The recommended time to visit is during December – February.  

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