Thursday, September 29, 2016

Surin Beach, one of most Beautiful Beaches of Thailand

Surin beach is one of most beautiful beaches of Phuket, in the South of Thailand.    The white sand beach with blue sea is very attractive. It is well-known as the popular surfing beach because the wind and tide is very strong.   Most tourists who love surfing visit at the beach every year. 

Due to the peaceful atmosphere, you will have more relaxation at the beach with your warm family happily.

You will have sunbathing along the beach all day long.  You can play sport beach with your friends and family.  Or you can swim in the crystal sea in the warm afternoon.  Or you just take a walk or go jogging along the beach with fresh air in the evening. You will see beautiful sunset at the beach.  It will be a wonderful moment indeed.

Come and see the beach by yourself!  

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