Thursday, September 15, 2016

Phu Pa Po, one of the Most Beautiful Places in Thailand

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If you are a peace loving traveller, then Phu Pa Po is the place that you do not miss.

Phu Pa Po is situated in Loei province, in the north of Thailand.  Its hight is approx. 900 meters from sea level.  If you stand at the view point, you will obviously see "Phu Ho" which is said to resemble Fuji Mountain in Japan. This is why the mountain is called "Fuji of Loei"

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Phu Ho has a large plateau at the top like Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang or Phu Rua, etc. 

On the way to Phu Pa Po, at both sides of the road, you will see beautiful views of natural grassland, Bua Tong fields (or wild sunflowers), various vegetable of the villagers, etc.  Besides, you will also touch cool breeze and fresh air.   I can say that this is a natural silence that you will love.

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At the view point, you can see an amazing sunrise and wonderful sunset.  A sea of mist which appears in the early morning is very romantic scenery and very fantastic indeed. 

You will not feel tired from the long journey anymore when seeing these marvelous views, I bet.

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