Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chao Samran Beach, one of Peaceful Beaches of Thailand, for your Vacation

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Chao Samran Beach is situated in Phetchaburi.  It is a very beautiful beach and one of attractive tourist destinations which is not far away from Bangkok.  It is halfway between Bangkok and Hua Hin.   

The beach is recommended for the one who would love peaceful atmosphere because it is undiscovered beach.  It is worthwhile for you to stop over before going to the South of Thailand.  It will be really a wonderful stay for your short vacation with your family or your friends.

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It is an elaborate beach.  You can rest on the white and soft sand beach for peaceful moment or relaxation.  The cool fresh air at the beach will be great for your health.  There are abundance of seashells, crabs and jellyfish, etc. which are very colorful and amazing.  You can go swimming in the warm water throughout the day.

I bet, you will enjoy every moment at Chao Samran Beach.

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