Monday, September 5, 2016

Doi Samer Dao, One of the Most Wonderful Places of Thailand

Doi Samer Dao is situated in Sri Nan National Park, in Nan province, in the North of Thailand.   It is an abundant forest and watershed for Nan River.  There are various significant species of trees and a lot of wildlife.  In February, you can see the splendid views of forest which have beautifully color changes. 

One of the most prominent and beautiful points of this park is Doi Samer Dao which is well-known as an amazing tourist attraction of Thailand.   It is at the top point of Sri Nan National Park.  

Doi Samer Dao, in Thai, means "Mountain in the same level of stars".   It is one of the most wonderful places of Thailand where you can watch the stars at the most picturesque.  In the sky clear night, you can see milky way and stars clearly.   

You can go camping and have a comfortable tent.   At Doi Samer Dao, you will experience a very miracle moment; i.e. sleeping under the sky filled with glittering stars and seeing the beautiful moon.  

In the morning, you can touch mist and fresh air among a lot of mountains.  When you are there, you can see 360 degree panoramic view of Nan Mountains.  It’s really beautiful indeed.

Sunrise at Doi Samer Dao is very fantastic.  In the meantime, sunset at Doi Samer Dao will be also very amazing and attractive as well.

We can say that Doi Samer Dao is one of the most amazing, breathtaking and wonderful places of Thailand that you don’t miss!

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