Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Koh Maiton or Honeymoon Island, One of the Most Beautiful Places of Thailand

Koh Maiton or Honeymoon Island is one of the most beautiful places of Thailand because of the perfect and outstanding natural marine.  It is a private island, situated in Phuket, in the South of Thailand.  There is only one hotel on the island.  Only visitors from tours are allowed.   That’s why the island is very quiet and the beaches are still clean.  It’s really perfect for your relaxing.

The island’s shape looks like wood when seeing from bird view.

The sea is emerald green.  The water is crystal clear.  The white sand beaches are very beautiful.  The fresh air is good for your health.  It’s good for snorkeling.  The corals are very amazing.  There are a lot of small colorful fish.  Here you will have all day to enjoy and relax. It is heaven on earth! You will be happy touching the affection Maldives of Thailand. Therefore, many couples around the world regard this as an island for honeymoon.

Don't just imagine, please come and see the real place with great atmosphere and amazing beauty.  Visiting beautiful place like this is a real pleasure indeed.


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