Friday, May 20, 2016

Koh Poda, One of the Nicest Islands of Thailand

Koh Poda is located in the southern part of Ao Nang, in Krabi, in the South of Thailand.  It is about 8 km. from the main land.  It’s uninhabited (by man) island, but meanwhile, there are a lot of monkeys around the island.  It is very nice, wild and unreachable island. 

The island has gorgeous white soft sand and crystal clear water.  The blue sky is very stunning.  It’s very nice to take tons of photos there.   

What a perfect place!  You will have amazing swim in super warm lovely water that is very shallow.  Many colorful tropical fish will be around you.  The water is so clear that you can easily see a lot of crabs.   You can also see abundant of coral reefs along the coast around the island as well. 

It looks like a part of tropical paradise!  It’s worth seeing and very nice island.  You will have more relaxing and will enjoy seeing the sun slowly sinks in the sea.  It is very impressing scenery.

Due to these reasons, the island can attract many tourists to visit all year round.  It will be a memorable experience for you indeed.   I can say that Koh Poda is one of the nicest islands (of Thailand) that you have ever seen.

cr. pic.

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