Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Koh Ngai, One of Thailand's most Beautiful Islands

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Koh Ngai is in the group of Koh Lanta Marine Park in Krabi, in the South of Thailand.  But most tourists go to this island from Trang province because it’s closer and easier.

This island is very quiet and peaceful with natural beauty.  The powdery white sand beach along the coast is very beautiful.  It is ideal for those who love nature and sea.  It is also perfect place for sweet couples. 

The outstanding scenery of this island is clear water and blue horizon.  You will enjoy slow life; sun bathing all day long, reading some books, listening natural sound of wave.

Besides, the island is great for snorkeling; there are a lot of magnificent coral reefs which are very shallow and can be seen clearly.  Lobsters and colorful fish are also around the sea.

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Apart from the beautiful scenery of sea, the island has also charming forest which is still unspoiled.  It will take approx. 2 kgs to reach the viewpoint at the peak of the mountain.  You will see beautiful view of Trang sea there. 

In the meantime, bird watchers will be much appreciated to spend their times at this island because there are many species of birds in the forest.

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I can say that while you are in the island, you will rest in peaceful environment and can recharge your battery both mental and physical indeed.

Next time of your visit to Thailand, please don’t forget to include Koh Ngai in your list as it is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands.

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