Sunday, May 29, 2016

Koh Khai, the Island that You Must Not Miss when visiting Thailand

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Koh Khai is located at Ao Nang, in Krabi, in the South of Thailand.  It is approx. 8 km. far from the coast.  It is near Koh Poda. 

Koh Khai is another island that you can go for snorkeling, but the coral reef is plain, not like other islands around this area.   

By the way, the outstanding point that can attract most tourists to visit Koh Khai is the “sea break”.  When the tide is low, you can walk along white sand from Koh Khai to another two islands.  It is very beautiful and amazing!

Besides, the white sandy beach with crystal clear water will certainly impress you.  It is very warm, clean and well maintained.  There are a lot of colorful fish.  They are very friendly and always ready for greeting and entertaining you while you are swimming or taking some photos of them.

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In the meantime, the beautiful scenery that you have never seen at other places before is the weird shape of stone at the end of the island which looks like chicken.   That’s why this island call “Koh Khai”.  “Khai” in Thai means “Chicken”.

Don’t miss to visit Koh Khai next time of your visit to Thailand!

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