Thursday, April 21, 2011

Koh Lipe, One of Wonderful Islands of Thailand

Koh Lipe is situated in Satun, in the Southern Part of Thailand.  It is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park.  It is just a small island but I can say that Koh Lipe is one of wonderful islands of Thailand.  There are beautiful coral reefs around Koh Lipe and the sea is very crystal clear and a lot of exotic marine wildlife.  The sand is very white and clean.  Therefore, because of its beauty and it's very wonderful island, Koh Lipe is well-known as "Maldives of Thailand".

The island name, "Lipe", may seem strange to you.  The name, in fact, came from the local Chao Ley language means "Paper Island".  Apart from the strange name, the shape of the island itself is also very strange; it is similar to the shape of "Boomerang".

When you are there, you will find 3 wonderful beaches that you must not miss.

Pattaya Beach
This is the most popular beach.  This name is guaranteed to entertain because of the same name as Pattaya, the famous tourist attraction of Thailand.  There are a lot of places to stay, to drink and to eat.  You may sometimes feel like you really stay in Pattaya.

Sunrise Beach
This is quieter beach.  There are only a few resorts.

Sunset Beach
This is the smallest beach.

Unlike other islands in Thailand, I can say that, diving around Koh Lipe is very wonderful because it is still peaceful and relaxed.

Besides, Chao Ley are ethnic who live in Koh Lipe.  This group of people has moved to Koh Lipe and stayed there decades ago.

Come and visit Koh Lipe, one of wonderful islands of Thailand.  You will see their hospitality for sure.

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