Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chai Nat, Thailand Amazing Place

If you are the one who love nature and would love to travel to natural places, I would like to recommend Chai Nat for you. Chai Nat is situated in the Central Part of Thailand. Although it is a small province, it is very amazing place. You will feel fresh air while you stay among beautiful nature. You will wake up in the early morning and find the beautiful moon and a lot of exquisite stars. You can take tons of photos of the moon with the rice field view as a wonderful background. Then after the amazing scenery with the moon, you will find the bright sun gradually rise and it will be another great scenery indeed. 

Last time of my visit at Chai Nat, I luckily stayed at Nutchanon Resort where I can experience this wonderful view! Here is its website: The room rate is very special price!

By the way, the famous places that most people in Thailand know about Chai Nat are :

Chao Phraya Dam :  This is a must place to see when you visit Chai Nat.  It is the Thailand's first large dam.  At this dam, you will be impressed another amazing scenery; i.e. when the sun gradually fall into the water.  It will be very wonderful view.

Chainat Bird Garden :  It is another well-known and amazing place.  It is the biggest bird park in Asia; there are a lot of bird species.

Once you drive to Chai Nat, you will notice beautiful big birds making from straw around the province to invite you or remind you to visit this bird garden. Of course, these birds attract tourists very much.

In the meantime, the most famous annual fair of Chai Nat that is very amazing is "Straw Bird Fairs". It is held annually during Chinese New Year in February.

Come and visit Chai Nat, Thailand, the place that are so amazing!

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