Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Boat Racing: Amazing Tradition of Thailand

Long Boat Racing is one of the amazing tradition of Thailand.  It is a kind of famous and popular sport in the old days till present.  It is a good example of sport which has been developed from daily life of Thai people who live along the riverside.  In the past, boats had been one of the main transportation; most of Thai people went by boats everywhere.  And it seems that wherever there were boats, there would be boat racing.

Nowadays, the amazing tradition of long boat racing is held annually towards the end of the rainy season (approx. September or October).  The well-known boat racing is in Phichit or Phitsanulok province.  It is one of the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing and exciting sport, festival or tradition which attract both Thai people and foreigners.  Besides, it brings enjoyment and happiness.  You will also feel the spirit of this sport as well.

In addition to boat racing, then you will see a lot of beautiful decorative long boats especially in the southern part of Thailand, in Pattani and Narathivas province.  They are all special type of boat known as "Gorlae" as below:

Come to cheer and experience the long boat racing by yourself, you will then see that this tradition is very amazing indeed!

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