Saturday, October 16, 2010

Koh Phangan, One of the Most Wonderful Islands of Thailand

The tropical beauty of Thailand is everywhere and Koh Phangan is the good example.  Koh Phangana is a nearby island of Koh Samui, in the South of Thailand.  It is well-known as the Island of Full Moon Party.

In my opinion, Koh Phangan offfers a mix of nature lover and nightlife lover.  If you are nature lover, there are so many things to see, especially the beautiful beaches that most dreams are made of.  You will also see a majestic view of the sinking sun.  I can say that you will surely enjoy hours of peaceful solitude there.

Moreover, you will have a lot of activities to do all day, such as diving, you can explore Koh Phangan's beautiful nature under water, you will see wonderful sites such as beautiful coral reefs, colorful marine life, amazing rock formations or spectacular scenery.  All of these things make Koh Phangan to be as the most famous dive site in the Gulf of Thailand.   
In the meantime, for nightlife lover, you can attend the Full Moon Parties where you will enjoy dancing or hopping at the bars with a lot of foreigners along the beach.  The Full Moon Party is hold on full moon night each month on Haad Rin.

With the above matters, I can say that Koh Phangan is one of the most wonderful islands of Thailand and I would like to welcome you to join us!

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