Saturday, March 13, 2010

Srinakarin Dam, A Wonderful Dam in Thailand

If you plan to visit Kanchanaburi, third largest province of Thailand, you are also invited to go to Srinakarin Dam where you can see both beautiful lake view and marvelous mountain view.  (only 3 kgs. from Erawan Waterfall / only 2 - 3 hours from Bangkok)  There are a lot of marine life in the lake and some wild animals; i.e. tigers, deers, elephants, etc., can be found in the surrounded area.  

It is such a nice place where you can spend your holiday with tranquil environment.  Every moment at Srinakarin Dam is surrounded by cool water and pure air.  You can also spend every minute happily exploring the finer points of doing absolutely nothing.  Let the peaceful moment capture you.  You will certainly love the way it is.

If you would like to stay overnight, some nice resorts and raft houses, which are very comfortable, are available for you.  You can feel much more relax there.

Then prepare for the wonderful place unlike anywhere you have ever experienced.  You are most welcome!

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