Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

It's time to celebrate Songkran Festival or Water Festival in Thailand.  In the old days, Thai people celebrate Songkran as the Traditional Thai New Year's Day which is from 13 to 15 April.  During these days, some people go to Wat or temples to pray and give food to monks.  Some Thai people gently pour water mixed with a Thai fragrance over the Buddha images as to bring good luck for their lives in the coming New Year.  Besides, some Thai people believe that water is the symbol of washing all of the bad luck away.

Moreover, it's time for most Thai people to visit their home towns where every members in the families gather together.  Young Thai people pour water into the elders' and parents' hands as to express their respects and ask for the elders' or parents' blessing in return as well.

Nowadays, since April is the hottest month in Thailand, most Thai people, esp. younger people, gather together on the main streets with some tanks of water or water guns and the water fights begin with a lot of fun accordingly.  This could also release some heat as well.

Songkran Festival is celebrated everywhere in Thailand.  The interesting places which are highly recommended are :

- Chieng Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in the north of Thailand.

- Sukhothai, was the first capital city of Thailand.  The ruins are very awesome and the grounds are magnificent. You can feel great Thai cultural and artistic significance.

- Ayutthaya, one of the most important and great ancient capital of the Kingdom of Thailand in the old days.  There were a lot of beautiful temples, palaces and religious sculptures.  The holy and historic ruins, the wealth of history and its splendor impress and attract most tourists.

- Phuket, one of the most beautiful island with its magnificent scene.


There are the Miss Songkran Contests and the beautiful and wonderful parades in those places.

Songkran Festival is a great and perfect time for  everyone who love to have a wonderful experience that once you enjoyed and that is never forgotten.  You are invited to come to Thailand during this period.  Perhaps, this might be your favorite season to be here.  Be prepared to get wet and have great time together.

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