Saturday, June 27, 2009

Planning a Memorable Family Vacation

Family vacations are memories in the making. Whether the vacation is elaborate and over an extended period, or even if it only for a weekend, family vacations are remembered for years by everyone. Planning a family vacation does not have to be stressful. An integral part of planning is including every family member, or at least the ones that communicate.

Where will you go? The most important part of a family trip is the destination. Will it be a theme park, a national park, another country? The destination is only the initial consideration. Once the destination is chosen, the details are the most fun and often most stressful part of planning a trip.

How will you get there? Flying can be expensive, but may be the only option to reach some destinations. Taking a cruise ship might be another option. Most cruises offer key destinations with activities for you and your family members on the way to and from your destination. Renting a vehicle or RV might be another consideration if you are staying closer to home or making a cross country trip.

Where will you stay on the way and once you get there? Camping is an option for the more adventurous family. There are campsites that are relatively inexpensive all across the country. If camping is not for you, hostels can be another cheap alternative. Before booking a hostel, ask about sleeping arrangements to see if you are comfortable with the options. There are also the standard hotels and motels scattered about. If you plan ahead, making reservations in advance at any of these places may save time and money.

What will you do along the way? A person can always find various activities on a trip. Visiting museums, historical sites, factories, golf courses, beaches, national parks or state parks or any of other activities can be fun and exciting. You can present options to the family and maybe can vote democratically on the places that you want to go. Another way is to allow every family member to choose one place they want to visit along the way.

What will you eat? Some people eat out very little on a trip while others eat out the entire time. Plan and budget accordingly. You can always find local hot spots that have great cuisine and are part of experiencing the culture or area you are visiting. Trying the local fare is part of the adventure of your trip.

How will you remember the trip? Souvenirs are pieces of memories that can be brought home. If you have a tight budget, pictures and postcards are easy and affordable. Before the trip begins, you can always buy a journal or notebook for every family member to record their thoughts, draw pictures of people, places and things, or to put other things in. There are always little souvenir shops along the way. Each person could also have his or her own disposable camera that will allow them to take pictures of what they want to.

A family vacation can be fun and exciting. You will talk about if for years to come. Take joy in the moment, especially the time you spend with your loved ones. Where you go may not be as important as who you are with.

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