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How to Make Friends During Your Journey?

Have you ever wondered of making friends during your journey? If yes then how, how many and for how many days? Well the chain is easy to ask and complicated to answer. We do come across many individual in our lives, with whom we happen to talk someday, sometime. Our life has turned so busy that we could hardly make friends or even remember those friends. Each new day brings a new friend and the list goes infinite till the last day of our life. One very interesting place of making friendships is during travel, when we are left with free-time of sharing talk with our fellow-travelers.

Be it a bus, a train or an airplane we are accompanied with people of diverse culture. The main fundamental behind friendship is to be social i.e communicative. Unlike filling our breadbasket with daily bread and butter, making friends is a different theme. Friendship can be compared with a plant which demands proper caring. The more we put our conversational effort the more it will bloom. But many people are introvert and love to fill their Grey cell with bookish know-how. The technique of making friends lies not in getting aloof with books but to share the knowledge of what you have encountered. Our journey onto an interesting place may give birth to a long-lasting journey with friends.

There are a few steps which may ease you in making friend during your journey. The first step lies in expressing yourself in the environment. Build your confidence and be optimistic in whatever you speak. Your facial expression plays a great role in this process of how to make friends. Avoid giving a frowning look and warm up the environment with your sweet smile. This will not only encourage the communicator's spirit but will also tag you a good listener. Do not present yourself with nodding and smiling only and try to be an active member of the conversation. Add your thoughts into it but do not plan to hijack the conversation. At times crack jokes and attract others. In case you come across the strangers, greet him/her with Hi or Hello. Your senior seat-mates may keep quite but stay comfortable with conversing on some religious and cultural topics.

Share foods with your fellow-beings and tell them about your type of cuisines. Torchlight your culture and receive an array of their's. You can also carry a notepad and ask them to pen down about themselves. Be loyal and do share your contact numbers and addresses with them. Ask if they have an account in the social networking sites like Orkut, Face Book etc. Converse with them about your friend-circle and ask the same. Add compliments into their wordings and flatter their ideas. You can seek help of your new friend for exploring the new land. Enjoy the deep-rooted beauty of the foreign land and spend time in merry-making with friends. Before you leave the place, present your friend with a cute gift. This will make him feel special about the new relation and you will stay forever in his/her heart. Express your gratitude towards him and his service. Lastly invite him to your land and bid good-bye. Remember, you can always make some friends during your journey, good and loyal.

Your return from the journey may offer you exhaustion and busy daily schedule. Time may turn hectic and you may feel hard to continue friendships. But then the ultimate way to rekindle the relation lies in following the clever tips. Add friend into your buddy list and set a reminder of your their birth-date, their date of anniversary and wish them. Fill free to talk via phone and spray good words any time via e-message. You can also email an electronic card or gift them via post or Internet.

The friendship Day is on the third week of May, so prepare best and enshrine your circle of friends. Make good friends. Share the joy. And lead a quality life.

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