Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saen Suk Lampam Beach, the largest fresh water lake of Thailand

Saen Suk Lampam beach is situated in Phatthalung province, in the South of Thailand. It is well-known as the largest fresh water lake of Thailand. 


Naturally, the color of the lake looks like canal and the water is fresh and not salty as the sea!  The lake is actually really calm and only few small waves can be seen.  

If you are lucky and the weather is fine, you will probably see cute dolphins in the lake which is much attractive for visitors.

There are many things at the beach which are very interesting.  


 (cute dolphins)

(“Manora”, a famous traditional dance of the South of Thailand)

(“The craft of boat” – long tailed boat)


(“Yor”, traditional fishing equipment in Thailand)


The place is worth for visiting!  Let's go!






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