Saturday, June 18, 2016

Koh Sarai, One of Most Peaceful Islands of Thailand

If you are now planning for your vacation and would love to visit a peaceful place, then I would like to recommend Koh Sarai.  It is situated in Satun province, in the South of Thailand. 

The island is still rich with natural resources.  You will stay relaxing in the natural environments; i.e. in the fresh air and among many coconut trees.  There are many birds flying in the sky, dolphin and dugongs swimming in the sea, soft sound of waves next to your ears, etc.  Oh, what a wonderful moment!  Can you imagine?

Furthermore, the amazing outstanding place that can attract tourists is the small island which is full of millions of shells.  Its shape is very flat and round.  And its width is only 1 kg.  You will not see any sand on the shore but you can walk on the island to admire the shells which were piled up to be layers for millions of years. It looks like the cemetery of the shells indeed.  This small island takes only 5 minutes from the main island. 

Please visit this island once in your life and touch the pure nature by yourself!  You will certainly enjoy the ordinary life like those people who stay there.

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