Sunday, April 10, 2016

Koh Munnork, One of the most Beautiful Islands of Thailand

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If you are bored with your routine life or if you are depressed with something that you face every day, let's go to the sea!  I would recommend Koh Munnork!

Koh Munnork is a small island, situated in Rayong province, in the East of Thailand.  It is not far away from Koh Samed.  (approx. 30 km. only)  Koh Munnork is suitable for those who want to relax because it is very private with shady and tranquil atmosphere.

Besides, with beautiful white sandy beach, blue clear water, fresh breeze, natural green trees surrounded the island, Khoh Nunnork is very perfect place for you.  You will have true happiness while you are at the island indeed.

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The island's shape is almost round so you can walk around to admire the scenery.  It will take approx. 1 hour only.

In addition, in the front of the island, South and East, there is a small sandy curved beach where many bungalows and restaurants with delicious foods are situated.

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By the way, because of the small size of the island, the island has its own electricity generators and transport fresh water from the main land to supply to tourists.  Therefore, there is only one resort, Munnork Island Resort, at the island.  If you would like to travel there, tour packages must be purchased from the resort only.

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Popular activities for tourists at the island are; i.e. swimming, snorkeling (admiring beautiful corals), etc.

I can say that relaxing at Koh Munnork would keep you vigorous indeed.

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