Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ao Manao, One of Thailand Nicest Beaches

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Ao Manao is situated at the airbase Wing 5, Thai Air Force, in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.  Ao Manao, in Thai, means “Lime Bay”.  Ao Manao is used to a battlefield between the Thai and Japanese armies during World War II. There are monuments of the heroes of Thai Air Force and you will see also the large stone carved the scene of the fighting or battle between Thai and Japanese armies.

In the meantime, Ao Manao is well-known as one of Thailand nicest beaches.  The beach is in crescent shape which looks really beautiful.  The white sandy beach curves around crystal clear water.  The deep blue sky is also very nice.  There are many trees, including palm trees, line along the beach which makes plenty of shade for you to relief from the sun.  These are the main factors that can attract most tourists to travel to Ao Manao.

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Besides, Khao Lom Muak, which is opposite to Ao Manao, is another one factor that make Ao Manao be very gorgeous.  You can walk to this island when the tide is low.  One of the exciting activities at Ao Manao is to conquer the peak of Khao Lom Muak.  At the peak of Khao Lom Muak, you can admire the view of Prachuap Bay and Ao Manao.  I can say that this is the most beautiful spot of Ao Manao indeed.

Please come and see Ao Manao by yourself!

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