Friday, March 4, 2016

Saeng Chan Beach, one of Best Beaches of Thailand

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Saeng Chan Beach is one of the interesting beaches of Rayong province, in the East of Thailand.  It is not far away from Bangkok.  “Saeng Chan”, in Thai, means “Moon Light”.

There are a lot of little rocky walls which are built into the sea to protect seashores from tides.  (These act as if shelves for the beach)  They look like a lot of semicircle small moons connected along the beaches.  This scenery makes Saeng Chan Beach look more strange and amazing than other beaches.

The beach is ideal for relaxation.  You will find bright blue sky as your friend.  It is very beautiful beach with crystal clear water which is really calm.  The beach is very clean and the sand is very white and soft.

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You can go biking along the beach in the fresh morning, enjoy sunbath throughout the day and see the wonderful sunset at the beach in the evening.  You will also have delicious fresh seafood for your dinner while you are at Saeng Chan beach.

I can say that this is a very charming beach for your vacation indeed.

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