Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Koh Rok, One of Best Untouched Islands of Thailand

If you want to take a slow life or vacation, then I would suggest you to visit “Koh Rok”.  Koh Rok is located in Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi, in the South of Thailand. 

Koh Rok is ideal for those who want to experience beautiful natural both on land and under water.  Besides, the ones who need privacy would love this island as well. 

Koh Rok is distinguished in snorkeling coral underwater.  There are a lot of amazing reefs and beautiful underwater lives; i.e. you will see a lot of colorful fish here. 

The beach is long and very beautiful with clear and blue water.  You will get relaxing on white soft sand which is incredibly clean.  Besides, you will feel warm breezes and beautiful sunshine while you are at Koh Rok.

Koh Rok is unfamiliar to most tourists, so it is still beautiful, quiet, very clean and romantic atmosphere.  It is very impressive and much gorgeous island indeed.  I can say that it is one of best untouched islands of Thailand.  

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