Friday, February 26, 2016

Sichon Beach and Hin Ngam Beach, Fresh Destination of Thailand

Sichon beach and Hin Ngam beach is situated in Nakorn Si Thammarat province, in the South of Thailand.  “Chon” in Thai means river, sea or water.  The sea here is really calm and it is very peaceful beach where you can feel really relaxed.  The shady coconut trees are also one of the wonderful and natural viewpoints that can make you feel fresh.  The weather here is very nice and the deep blue sky is so amazing and impressing.  It’s very sunny beach indeed.  

Although this is not famous like Phuket’s or Pattaya’s beach, for those who love to surf, this is also another right place.  Or if you just prefer light exercises, you can go jogging along the beach, touching fresh breeze in the morning, sunbathing with your family all day long, or swimming with your friends in the late afternoon, etc.

The road along the seaside has beautiful scenery.  If you visit here during March – April, you will see various kinds of kites, which are very pretty, in the sky.  The colors and shapes of the kites are very distinctive and amazing so that many people stop the cars to see.

Another beach nearby Sichon beach is Hin Ngam beach.  It is well-known because there are many smooth rounded rocks, with small and big sizes.  The stones here look unusual, strange and beautiful; they are very different from other stones that I have ever seen.  These can be described by its name, “Hin Ngam” in Thai means “beautiful rocks/stones”  

As you see, Sichon beach and Hin Ngam beach are very peace and quiet.  The colorful blue sea, soft sand beaches and tranquil atmosphere can invite travellers to come back again and again.  This can be certainly your fresh destination for your next trip to Thailand, I can guarantee. 

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