Monday, November 1, 2010

Koh Kradan, Underwater Wedding Ceremony Island in Thailand

Underwater Wedding Ceremony island in Thailand is Koh Kradan.  It is well-known for the "Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony". The ceremony is arranged every year on Valentines Day, 14 Feb.  (It is one of Andaman islands, situated in Trang province in the South of Thailand.)

At Koh Krada, you will experience by yourself this amazing underwater wedding ceremony.  Those couples who are participated in this ceremony believe that this ceremony can bring peace and long lasting relationship to them.  Before the underwater ceremony starting, you will see their beautiful parade around the town.  This event will bring you a feeling of joy.  It will certainly impress you and be in your heart forever.

In the meantime, if you just would like to look for a nice holiday destination, you are also invited to Koh Kradan.  Koh Kradan is a small and tranquil island.  When you come to Koh Kradan, you have escaped from the crowds.  You will certainly enjoy the quiet and soak up the tranquility.  Pleasure and tranquility day and night.

I can say that there is not much to do there, just relaxing; lying in bright sunshine on the beach.  There are very nice beaches and best coral.  The crystal clear water and clean beaches are yours to play and relax in.  You will, of course, love to listen to the sounds of the sea.  You will also have a nice early morning walk for sure.

Whatever your purpose is, attending the largest underwater wedding ceremony, celebrating your love, or just relaxing, it is obvious that Koh Kradan will certainly be a good memory of your life.

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