Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guide to Best Beaches in Phuket, Thailand

When you want to spend your vacation with a lot of activities which are vivid along the beaches; sun-bathing, children playing, swimming, diving, snorkeling or even shopping, there are several beaches in Phuket, in the south of Thailand, that can meet whatever your purposes are.

Phuket has many colorful beaches which are considered to be the best beaches of Thailand.  Therefore, Phuket's beaches are the most popular reason why people around the world come to visit Phuket.  Here below is guide to best beaches in Phuket, Thailand, to spend your vacation.

Patong Beach :

It it the most famous and crowded beach because there are a lot of entertainment and vivid nightlife as well.  There are some very happy people and the cheerful and lively atmosphere will be around you.

cr. pic.

Kata Noi Beach :

It is one of the best beaches in Phuket.  The water is crystal clear.  Just relax....  The atmosphere is peaceful, safe and wonderful.

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Karon Beach :

You will enjoy the long white beach and sparkling sea.  You will also see a beautiful view of sunset at Karon Beach.  If you plan to travel with your family, Karon Beach is the best beach that all of you should visit because it is quieter than other beaches.

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These are just samples of best beaches in Phuket, Thailand, there are many other beaches that are considered to be best beaches that are awaiting for you to visit.  I do believe that from the moment you reach those beaches, you know you will be coming back for sure.

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