Friday, June 25, 2010

Muay Thai, One of the Most Famous Sport of Thailand

If you love fighting, Muay Thai is recommended for you to see while you visit Thailand.  Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is one of the most famous sport of Thailand.  It is well-known all over the world as there are various types of blows such as forward and backward elbow strikes, knee strike, swing and reversing kicks, foot jabbing, etc, which are very amazing.  Especially in the old days, those blows were in beautiful manners.

Muay Thai is considered to be as the art of self-defense like other martial arts. (hand-to-hand fighting)  I can say that everyone, no matter he is a man or a woman, a boy or a girl at any age (the youngest one whom I have ever seen is 7 years old) can learn and practice Muay Thai, even you!

By the way, the most significant thing that makes Muay Thai differ from Western Boxing is "Wai Kru" which most foreigners love to see.  It is the one that you have never seen anywhere else before!  "Wai Kru" is the way that Thai boxers pay homage to their teachers.  They do this at the beginning of each fight.  When the Thai traditional music starts, the two boxers go up to the stage and present the Four-Faced Prome dance which signified four virtues; compassion, temperance, prudence and justice.

Besides, another remarkable thing is that every Thai boxers wear ceremonial headband which can be obviously seen.  This may represent their auspiciousness.  Their teachers themselves remove the headband from the boxers when the "Wai Kru" finish.  And then their teachers give prefight instruction to the boxers before the boxers go into fighting.  Actually, Thai boxers fight 3 minute rounds alternated by 2-minute rest period.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, Muay Thai, which is one of the most famous sport of Thailand, should not be missed from your traveling schedule!   Come and see it by yourself!

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