Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hua Hin, Thailand's Popular Tourist Destination

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Hua Hin is not far away from Bangkok, only 200 kgs.  It is one of Thailand's most popular tourist destination as it has a breathtaking views.  It is a place for the ones who love the feeling of walking bare foot in the sand or who love to listen to the sounds of the sea; i.e. you can listen to the lovely sea breeze and feel refreshed by the cooling sea breeze as well.  The white sandy beach is also for blissful swimming.  Besides, Hua Hin has excellent summer weather and climate.  You can see clear blue sky almost the time.  The water is very gorgeous; i.e.  as if a watery paradise. 

Moreover, Hua Hin is well known as a family holiday destination and it is also one of the best places in the world to retire.  Most tourists love the friendly atmosphere of this place.  From the moment you arrive Hua Hin, you will enjoy a sense of privacy and enjoy peace of mind as well.  Imagine yourself relaxing with your family and friends, listen to the majestic sea in the gulf of Thailand.  I can say that this amazing place is designed for relaxation / it's perfect for relaxation due to its tranquil scenery. 

In the meantime, there are a lots to offer to tourists; you can enjoy water sport, elephant rides, fishing trip, etc.  The most popular beach of Hua Hin is in Takiab Bay or Chopsticks Bay.  The water there is very clean and clear and the wave is very gentle.  There are a lot of Palm trees line along the beach.  Besides, not far away from there, you will find Khao Takiab or Chopsticks Hill where you can climb to see a wonderful and magnificent viewpoint and feed some monkeys at the temple of Khao Takiab as well.

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In short, I can say that Hua Hin can be indeed one of Thailand's most popular tourist destination and it is truly second to none.  It is such a pure pleasure to visit there.  How special this place really is!

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